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Real estate styling or home staging is the temporary furnishing and decoration of a property offered for sale or for rent.



Real estate styling is aimed at anyone who has a property for sale or for rent.

Whether you are a private individual, a real estate agent, project developer or construction promoter , real estate styling is an asset in any sales and rental process.


  • Correctly assessing the size of empty spaces

Many people have a hard time estimating empty spaces in a home, and how they should decorate what they see as small or oddly laid out spaces.

  • A small or square living room? How should we arrange the furniture, where should te TV be, and is there room for a table?  A double bed wouldn't fit here, would it?

  • The visitor starts to have doubts and has to think about possible arrangements of which he is not sure whether this will work. The doubt and possible obstacles slow down the decision process and make him postpone putting down an offer.

By temporarily furnishing and decorating empty spaces, the visitor no longer worries about possible stumbling blocks, but you show solutions

and cozy, ready-to-move-in-to spaces .

  • An optimal presentation and the creation of atmosphere for a good first impression

When selling a product, it is important to present it beautifully and well.


Just like selling products, it is important that the property is presented nicely and looks attractive.

Unlike the purchase of products, which often involves more impulsive buying, the purchase of a home is a more considered decision. Yet there are also many emotions involved.


Did you know that after only one and a half minutes potential buyers or tenants decide whether they are interested in your property? A good first impression is therefore essential!


It is also important that when visiting the house, the buyer gets the feeling that he is coming home and can see himself living there.


A neutrally decorated interior that looks stylish and cozy provides the visitor  with the necessary empathy and imagination to make him dream.


With the right and carefully selected furniture en decoration, atmosphere is brought into the home. And atmosphere sells! The property receives an offer up to 4 times faster and the value of the property is also estimated higher, resulting in less negotiating on the price .

  • Attracting more visitors

Research shows that the buyer for your property is probably among the first 10 visitors. But how do you attract as many interested parties as possible?


For the candidate, the search for a home usually starts with a real estate agent or  online where you need to ensure that your property stands out among the overwhelming supply.


Using realistic photos of a neutral and stylishly decorated interior - which attracts a large group of potential buyers - makes your property stand out from the others and encourages them to visit the property.


A successful sale thus begins with a positive first impression on-line.

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